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BELD PhoneBELD's phone service connects your calls using your High-Speed Internet connection, not a traditional phone line, saving you money and offering you more options. Our phone service can be installed even if you have a cellular home security system, as long as your alarm company runs a test through your system at the time of install to ensure everything is working properly.

Since we do not offer a traditional landline phone service, we do not use your internal phone wiring—we will connect your wireless base phone system directly to our EMTA modem. We also do not install any type of internal wiring in the home.

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BELD phone is the perfect complement to our Internet service. When you combine the two, you’re guaranteed superior phone service because your calls travel our own network and never over the crowded public Internet. Internet traffic for BELD Phone customers--whether it's voice or data--is always prioritized. What's more, BELD phone customers get an extra 128 Kbps upstream speed from their BELD.net connection.

BELD phone does not support home alarm systems or wiring, but we are confident they will work with our phone. If you have such a system, we recommend you have the alarm company run a test after our phone install while our technician is still at your home. BELD phone is not compatible with any dialup modem services such as Life Alert, AOL, or any service that requires a device to call out when activated. 

Nomorobo ...calls

BELD phone now works with Nomorobo to block robo calls to your home. It’s a FREE add-on that hangs up or blocks illegal robocallers or telemarketer calls to your BELD landline. Click here to configure your Nomorobo.

You can access all features of our phone service at our residential portal or business portal.

BELD Phone includes these popular calling features:

Caller ID with Call Waiting Voicemail to E-mail
Voicemail Find Me
Call Waiting Call Block
Caller ID Block Anonymous Call Block
Call Forwarding Speed Dial
Selective Call Forward Do Not Disturb