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What modem should I buy? 

Moving forward we are requiring any customer who is purchasing their own modem to purchase a DOCSIS 3.1 modem or a DOCSIS 3.1 modem/router combo unit.

ALERT:: We have discovered an issue with Motorola MG & MB cable modem/router units. The MG/MB series of Motorola modem/routers are currently unreliable our system, customers should not purchase these units until we have a resolution in place. We have seen great results with the ARRIS Surfboard Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem and they seem to be a top seller, but we recommend doing some cost/comparison research and find the proper device for you.

DOCSIS 3.1 is a technology that can provide speeds up to 10 Gbps. Such gigabit level speeds were previously possible only using fiber optic cables. But by implementing it, BELD can provide blazing speeds even over coaxial cables.

No Internet connection? 

The first thing you should do when you can’t connect to the Internet is check that the issue isn't isolated to only a single device. By confirming if your computer, your tablet and your phone can or cannot connect to the Internet. That will help determine if it's just your PC that's having an issue or your entire home.

Do you have BELD phone service—is that currently working? If not, there may be an outage in your area. Check for outage-related information on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or the home page at BELD.com. You can also call us at 781.348.BELD (2353).

If you’ve ruled out an outage, make sure your modem has power (lights are on), then reset it:
1. Unplug the power from your modem and wait 2 minutes
    If you have our phone service and are using a battery backup, you'll also need to disconnect the battery from the modem.
2. Unplug the power from your router (if you have one)
3. Plug the modem back in and wait until it has fully restarted. This can take a few minutes
    If you are using a battery backup, reconnect the battery before plugging the power back in. 
4. Plug the router back in and wait another minute
5. Check your Internet connection by opening a new web browser window
6. If you still have no Internet connectivity, restart your computer and then re-open a web browser and try to connect
7. If you are still experiencing issues, contact the HelpDesk at 781.348.2353.

Wi-Fi 101 — HOW TO SPEED UP YOUR INTERNETWiFi step-by-step guide

Like it or not, most Braintree residents are streaming live for work, school and entertainment every day. So what do you do when Internet slowdowns, drop-offs and buffering get you down?

This easy, step-by-step guide can help you solve issues with your connection speed. No worries if technology isn't your thing. At BELD Internet we keep it simple and might even save you a few bucks.

Has your Internet connection been disabled?

Read about Viruses and Botnets and see the PCMAG.com list of antivirus utilities (some of the programs listed also have free basic versions available)

speed testMoving slowly?

Click the image on the right to run a test to measure the speed coming through to your computer. If the results are lower than you expect, bypass your router by connecting your modem directly to your computer and run the test again. If you still see slow download or upload speeds, contact the HelpDesk

What do I need to do to configure my email account?

Still need assistance? Please check our FAQ's or contact the HelpDesk at 781.348.BELD (2353).