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Remote control instruction manuals

If you are still having problems with the remote control working as expected, please call the HelpDesk at 781.348.BELD (2352)

Install your cable box

Below are the two most common HD cable box setups.

HDMI cable box setup


Component cable box setup

Component cbl setup

Parental controls 

BELD cable boxes come equipped with a parental controls option. If you want to limit what your children watch, you can lock channels by content, rating or by the channel itself. With the Parental Control Lock, you choose which programs can be watched by entering the parental control code you set up. Parental Control also lets you prevent adult titles from displaying on the screen. When using the Lock option, you are still able to watch whatever you want—it just requires you to enter your four-digit PIN code before you can watch the program.

For parental control details or instructions, please call us at 781.348.BELD (2353).

For more information about controlling what your child watches, visit the National Cable and Telecommunications Association

Blind and visually impaired customers

Click here, call 781.348.BELD (2353), or email customer service  to request our TiVo eBOX equipment, which provides accessible on-screen guides and menus.

Still need assistance? Please check our FAQs or contact the HelpDesk  at 781.348.BELD (2353).